Inspiring and Empowering young GIRLS to EXCEL

What is girls for empowerment?

Girls for Empowerment is a non-profit organization providing Education Enrichment, Cultural and Self Awareness, Community Service, and Character Building for middle and high school girls specifically ages 13-19 in Elizabeth City, NC. The program will form relationships with local school districts, juvenile court system, local Health Department, local pregnancy centers, local department of social services, etc. Girls for Empowerment goal is to foster a commitment to young girls that will promote social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, strengthen self-esteem, increase good decision making, prevent out of home place, teen pregnancy, depression and suicide.  Girls for Empowerment will aim to reassert a sense of hope in the future.

Strong built relationships can encourage young girls to commit to follow on the right path to adulthood with pride and accomplishment. Many young girls (at-risk population) have lost faith in succeeding in life due to repeated mistakes and bad decisions they have made in life. Girls for Empowerment strive to motivate young girls that in spite of their hardships, there are possibilities that wait them. In order for young girls to regain strength in their spirit of succeeding one must be in a positive uplifting environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces personal respect and self-awareness.

This organization aims to identify young girls who are going to have a difficult transition to adulthood and offer positive support system to avoid the hardships that can derail their lives.  Girls for Empowerment will have weekly planned activities and bi-weekly educational and life seminars to strengthen the relationship of self, and improve confidence and hopefulness.  As the organization progress, Girls for Empowerment will create a learning environment that will inspire, motivate, encourage, and uplift young girls.

 Our youth is our future. Many youth face several challenges in the world today that makes it hard for them to focus on what is IMPORTANT.

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